The Girt Mobile Team

Here at GIRT Mobile we are about quality. Our team of experts produce the highest quality mobile applications, websites and web services for individuals, companies and any institutions who require a mobile and/or web presence.

GIRT Mobile was established in the summer of 2009 as an Irish/US alliance between Aonghus O’hEocha in Galway, Ireland and Kenneth Roy in West Virginia, USA. Our first product Grab Radio app for iPhone was conceived in 2007 and launched before the end of 2009. In no time at all we began to win accolades from a variety of different sources.

Meet people who made it possible

Aonghus O’hEocha
Aonghus has 30 years experience working in technology and business. He has worked for Land Rover and BMW as a senior manager on new Mini & Range Rover projects.
Alejandro Bean
Software Engineer
Alex is passionate about blockchain technology and decentralised applications (Dapps). Alex is skilled in mobile applications for both platforms Android & iOS.
John Murphy
Software Developer
A software developer working with Bitcub. Prior to beginning his apprenticeship with Bitcub, John achieved industry certifications from Microsoft and Oracle.
Ina O'Murchu
Data Scientist
Ina O’ Murchu, aka ‘Lady Blockchain’, is an award-winning technologist and early adopter. She has a background in Data and in 2006 developed an ontology as part of her research at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute.
Alexander Lubin
Payment Systems
Alexander Charles Lubin is an expert in payments systems. He spent several years working in a number of different sectors in investment banking before moving into corporate finance and private clients at Williams de Broe.
Fabio Dantas
Software Developer
A Brazilian native now working in Ireland , Fabio is a seasoned iOS developer with experience working on the most complex of applications.